buildworld times have grown over the last 2-4 years

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at
Thu Jun 20 07:55:45 UTC 2013

Here are the buildworld times I recorded few years ago,
perhaps 2-4 years ago:

CPU	nCPUs	freq	RAM	options		machine time		walltime	details
US-IIIi	1	1.5GHz	2GB	-j4 world	11002.412u 1884.324s	3:37:06.62	98.9%	41213+7043k 20109+243707io 11158pf+0w
US-IIIi	1	1.5GHz	2GB	-j3 world	12912.094u 2300.253s	4:18:20.86	98.1%	41265+6978k 14935+284277io 11922pf+0w
US-IIIi	1	1.5GHz	5GB	-j4 world	13261.202u 2353.236s	4:25:47.90	97.9%	41275+6963k 22471+284966io 12870pf+0w
US-IIIi	1	1.5GHz 5GB	-j5 world	13273.154u 2339.206s	4:34:01.17	94.9%	41334+6971k 25581+284635io 12941pf+0w

This week on the same single processor box
with 2GB RAM with -j4 it took 5h55m.

All times are for full buildworld, i.e.
no src.conf at all.

Has the src tree grown that much?



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