sparc64 machfb: (EE) Unable to map mmio aperture. Invalid argument (22)

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at
Tue Jun 18 14:07:31 UTC 2013

	From marius at Sat Jun 15 15:45:54 2013

	On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 11:14:30AM +0100, Anton Shterenlikht wrote:
	> I've just updated my Sun Blade 1500 silver
	> to 10.0-CURRENT #11 r251648. The graphics broke.
	> I get:
	> (EE) Unable to map mmio aperture. Invalid argument (22)
	> from X -configure
	> # dmesg|grep mach
	> machfb0: <ATI Rage XL> port 0xb00-0xbff mem 0x3000000-0x3ffffff,0x102000-0x102ff
	> f at device 2.0 on pci0
	> machfb0: console
	> machfb0: 16 MB aperture at 0xfddcc000 not swapped
	> machfb0: 8188 KB SGRAM 114.992 MHz, maximum RAMDAC clock 230 MHz, DSP
	> machfb0: resolution 1280x1024 at 8 bpp
	> #
	> # pkg info -xo mach6
	> xf86-video-mach64-6.9.3: x11-drivers/xf86-video-mach64
	> #
	> # cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log
	> X.Org X Server 1.7.7
	> Release Date: 2010-05-04
	> X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0
	> Build Operating System: FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT sparc64
	> Current Operating System: FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT Free
	> BSD 10.0-CURRENT #11 r251648: Thu Jun 13 10:20:15 BST 2013     root at mech-anton24
	> sparc64
	> Build Date: 03 June 2013  03:14:51PM

	Well, at least machfb(4) hasn't changed in quite some time so it's
	not immediately obvious what is causing this problem. However, that
	Xorg.0.log suggests that the server also has been rebuilt recently
	and in fact there was an Xorg update on May 25. Could you please
	determine (at least by using the old/previous known-working kernel)
	whether a change to the kernel or to ports is the culprit?


I did some detective work.
It seems the ports are to blame.

I'm still on r251648.
I reverted the whole ports tree to r319054,
the last revision prior to the X update.
I tried to rebuid xorg-server and all ports on
which xorg-server depends. This failed,
because several ports complained on security
vulnerabilities. So I updated back those ports,
several libs, I think.

Anyway, I no longer get the original error
on X -configure, but I get this error on
X -config /root/ -retro:

(EE) [drm] drmOpen failed.
(EE) MACH64(0): [dri] DRIScreenInit Failed

This is likely due to the inconsistent state
of the ports tree:

I'm not sure how to proceed systematically to debug this further.

Please advise



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