Primepower 250 Donation

Teb Tengri tului78 at
Wed Feb 1 07:37:24 UTC 2012

I recently purchased a Primepower 250 on Ebay and I'm beating my head
against the wall trying to get into XSCF. I'm wanting to donate it to one
of the developers if it would be needed. I'll pay all shipping costs,
although I'd prefer it be in continental North America. Overseas is
alright, but will cost me a bit more in shipping.

Alternately, if noone wants the device, I'd like to know how to access the
Serial A port at boot. I tried null modem and straight through adapters and
got no love. I even tried the "flip the front switch to unlock and hold
power for 10s" to reset it to Serial A and got nothing.

I await your responses.

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