free to a good home

zenxyzzy zenxyzzy at
Mon Aug 20 22:00:33 UTC 2012

I've got a pair of known-good 900 mhz, 8Mb cache ultrasparc III-cu cpu
modules that work in Sun Blade 1000,2000,
sunfire 280R and netra 20.

I no longer need them having upgraded to 1200mhz.  Was flirting with the
idea of seeing
if a Ultrasparc-IV could be persuaded to work in there, but those chips are
not easy to find.

San Francisco bay area pick up, or I might consider shipping them.

The going price on ebay is about 20 bucks a pair, and it's not really worth
my while.

I'll throw a Quad ethernet (HME) in the box too, since my pci slots are all
in use.


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