Problem with instaling FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASES platform sparc64 to Sun Enterprise 420R

Marko Lerota mlerota at
Mon Jan 24 11:45:17 UTC 2011

Lukas Maly <Iam at LukasMaly.NET> writes:

> Hi
> I have Sun server Sun Enterprise 420R
> I can install FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASES platform sparc64 to this server. But
> installation ending on this last message.
> --~--
> jumping to kernel entry at 0xc0088000.
> --~--

I have the same hardware running 7.3-RELEASE-p2. I upgrade it from 
some 6-X-RELEASE which I installed before. I don't remember that I 
had any issues with the installation. One post from google shows 
You're using an unsupported framebuffer (see the release notes).

Marko Lerota
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