My sparc is falling apart from last upgrade of ports

Mauro Calderara mcalderara at
Wed Jan 19 23:59:52 UTC 2011

Hi everybody

>>> Hi Mark
>>> Its working ok for me inside a jail on my 8.1-RELEASE sparc64  
>>> powered
>>> Sun Netra X1
>>> I portsnap'd upto the latest and greatest.
>>> built /usr/ports/www/apache22
>>> toggled SSL in config
>>> It pulled in;
>> Tnx Craig. So I see that you used base openssl, not from ports.
>> Am I correct?
>> I removed my /usr/ports/security/openssl and I'm using base openssl.
>> Now my Apache and Dovecot is working. When I catch time, I will test
>> it again with openssl from ports. Thanks everybody for help.
> Hi Marko
> Yes that is correct, the apache22 port didn't try to build the openssl
> from ports so it must be using base openssl and includes...  when I  
> do a
> pkg_info openssl isn't showing.

Here, too, dns/unbound works as long as you don't use openssl from  


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