My sparc is falling apart from last upgrade of ports

Mauro Calderara mcalderara at
Sun Jan 9 14:03:18 UTC 2011

Hi Marko

I've had the same with ports/dns/unbound. I suspected an issue with  
the compiler, but marius@ commented:

> /usr/local/etc/rc.d/unbound onestart
> Starting unbound.
> __sparc_utrap: fatal illegal instruction
> __sparc_utrap: fatal illegal instruction
> Bus error (core dumped)
> /var/log/messages contains:
> pid 36192 (unbound), uid 0: exited on signal 10 (core dumped)
> The error message seems to come from lib/libc/sparc64/sys/
> __sparc_utrap.c. The main question is whether this is more of a
> FreeBSD/sparc64 issue or whether that's a software problem. If it is a
> FreeBSD/sparc64 problem: what should I try? The error kind of suggests
> that the binary contains illegal instructions, which would be a
> compiler issue but I can't tell.
> Any hints?

There are also a few other cases in which a program gets killed with
SIGILL, f.e. when the stack overflows due to an infinite recursion
in the program. Actually, such bugs are more likely to hit than
compiler or OS bugs.
I'd suggest to build unbound with debugging symbols and to obtain
a backtrace in order to get an idea what the actual problem could



Maybe the same applies to your situation. I didn't build unbound with  
debugging symbols ever since and worked with bind instead, but I guess  
with php you're a bit stuck in terms of alternatives.


On 09.01.2011, at 13:49, Marko Lerota wrote:

> It was all OK, but after recent security upgrade of PHP5.3
> and Apache from ports, everithing is falling apart. This is the error
> log:
> __sparc_utrap: fatal illegal instruction
> __sparc_utrap: fatal illegal instruction
> This log is allways present if I run for example:
> /usr/local/bin/php -v
> Spamassassin sa-update
> Dovecot IMAP server
> Postfix doesn't work also if I enable TLS support
> and etc.
> I don't know where to look. Errors with this __sparc_utrap is hard to
> find googleing.
> uname -a
> FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE-p2 FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE-p2 #0:
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