This is not spam Fwd: Xorg fails to build, breaking at libtool22

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Mon Nov 29 21:58:33 UTC 2010

On 2010-Nov-29 10:39:03 -0500, Super Bisquit <superbisquit at> wrote:
>This is not spam.

In my experience, mails that state "This is not spam", generally are.
And resending a mail after a few hours will not encourage replies.

>Package Xorg fails to build when libtool22 is built as part of process.
>Package libtool22 will build from subdirectory of work.
>Returning to Xorg the system breaks at libtool22 build.

Can you please provide contents of /var/db/pkg/libtool-2.2.10/+CONTENTS
as well as the output from 'pkg_info -ag' and output when you try to
build Xorg.

>/etc/make.conf had "CPUTYPE?=ultrasparc" which was then changed to a value
>of "sparc64."
>CFLAGS are -mcpu=ultrasparc3, -O2, -pipe, -ffast-math,

Having commas in CFLAGS is definitely wrong.  Does it work with an
empty /etc/make.conf?

Peter Jeremy
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