Review request -- splitting OF enumeration from nexus

John Baldwin john at
Mon Nov 1 15:20:04 UTC 2010

On Sunday, October 31, 2010 4:44:15 pm Nathan Whitehorn wrote:
> Nexus on OF platforms doesn't behave like nexus on x86, which generates 
> some periodic difficulty with cryptosoft or syscons attaching to all 
> devices and taking over the system when someone makes a wrong 
> assumption. I have done some work to split out OF enumeration into a 
> new, acpi(4)-like bus called ofwbus that does all of the OF enumeration 
> previously done by nexus(4). The patch can be found at 
> Doing this also provides a number of other benefits: it shares code 
> between PowerPC and sparc64, unifies the AIM and Book-E nexus 
> implementations on PPC, and makes it easier to have non-Open Firmware 
> platforms on PPC (the original motivation for the work). I have tested 
> this code with no obvious problems on a variety of Apple PPC machines 
> and a Sun Ultra 5. More testing and comments would be much appreciated. 
> If no has any objections, I will commit these changes in 2 weeks.

Sounds good to me.  It's a bit of a shame that nexus is MI.  I do wonder if 
cryptosoft even needs a device_t at all.

John Baldwin

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