sparc64/144900: [patch] SPARC64 Floating point fixes

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Sat Mar 20 20:52:42 UTC 2010

The test harness referred to in the PR is too big to directly attach
to the PR and is available for download in either shar or tar format:   

and have the following checksums:
MD5 (sparc_test.shar) = 9c6931df23ff51805c20fb60055092d1
SHA256 (sparc_test.shar) = 8ca68447a04c0551712bf5f5f111be7b55f48c0a33f3f07a73010c2209b8b871

MD5 (sparc_test.tar.bz2) = 1eb78c608e3b3f0dc77f3d866edfd499
SHA256 (sparc_test.tar.bz2) = e018fa3ac72179cdb71863ce82d71540cb304d87e9efeac71ad45a17c7c06731

Peter Jeremy
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