Sun Fire V480 compatibility question?

Kaya Saman SamanKaya at
Mon Jan 18 17:21:50 UTC 2010

Hi guys and Marius, (sorry for the cc but you did bring up the topic so 
I'm figuring that you probably know the most about this subject!)

I am just in the process of figuring out which Sun bridge I will need 
for the Fire v480 server as a quote from Marius Strobl suggests this:


FreeBSD currently crashes on older models of V480 when attempting
to use an on-board NIC due to what appears to be a CPU bug which
needs to be worked around. It appears to work fine on later V480
equipped with version 7 Schizo bridges (that's just an indicator
and unlikely related to the problem) though, but FreeBSD 7.3 will
be the first release (besides the current stable branches) to work
with their changed firmware behavior. Linux doesn't seem to do any
better in this regard:



My supplier has given me an extract from the Sun handbook which doesn't 
seem to show version 7:


501-5819    501-6733
November 2001
<=501-5819-12: SCHIZO 2.2
 >=501-5819-13: SCHIZO 2.5  August 2003
reworked 501-5819-12
only available from
Sun Services
501-6780    501-6790
December 2003
FAB 270-5819-06
SCHIZO 2.5  April 2004
FAB 270-5819-07
or ELE 1.1+

A bit of Google'ing however got me to this:

Version /Schizo/ Rev /7/ 2.5 6 2.4 5 2.3 4 2.2. Symptoms. Should the 
described issue occur, /Sun Fire/ 280R, /V480/, V880 and Netra 20 
systems may encounter a FATAL *...

 From here:

also this:


     * FreeBSD has been adopted to the changed firmware of newer Sun Fire
       V480 (those equipped with version 7 Schizo bridges) and has been
       reported to now run fine on these. The necessary change will be
       part of 7.3-RELEASE. Unfortunately, using the on-board NICs in
       older models of Sun Fire V480 (at least those equipped with version
       4 Schizo bridges) under FreeBSD still leads to the firmware issuing
       a FATAL RESET due to what appears to be a CPU bug, which needs to
       be worked around.


Taken from the Sparc64 part of this page:

What I can understand from all of this is that the version 7 is actually 
a revision 7.... so any of the bus versions listed above in the table 
will work as long as they are revision 7 or later?

Is this the case, have I understood correctly??



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