usb mount error: g_vfs_done():da0s1[READ(offset=512, length=8192)]error = 5

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Tue Jan 5 19:15:18 UTC 2010

>>>>> "as" == Anton Shterenlikht <mexas at> writes:

    as> worry that some config information could be on the card as
    as> well, the loss of which will make is unusable by the camera?

what?  no.  If the card is removeable, then the camera can always
format it.  How else would you expect to buy a new storage card and
use it?

that said, if you don't care about the data, why fsck?  fsck is not
guaranteed to succeed.  If you instead reformat the card (using the
camera's format button) you've eliminated a variable---if FreeBSD
can't read a freshly-formatted card, it's broken.

and THAT said, if two different FreeBSD architectures behave
differently w.r.t. reading the card, woudln't the problem be in
FreeBSD rather than the filesystem?

I have been using the a-data trio cards because they have SDHC on the
front and USB on the back, so you get two chances for your crappy
regression-filled operating system to work with it.  however in other
circumstances i've had problems with the wear leveling software
running inside the card, and one of the cards with which i had
problems had a-data stamped on it, so I'm not recommending them, just
mentioning that the tool exists.

    as> I'll see if I can get hold of the manual, thank you.

There's nothing in manuals anymore except congradulations-for-buying
and a bunch of CYA disclaimers like ``please do not chew on the cord
while sitting in the bath'' and ``contains mercury and cadmium and can
never be thrown away, ever.''  The manual is basically an advertisment.

The only way I've managed to learn more about my camera is to either
find an extrememly smart 23-year-old girl (these ones are impossibly
rare, but if you can find one they always find spookily weird
features), or a professional photographer (who will have lots of
friends who share tricks), who has the exact same camera and spy on
them very closely while they're using it.  so...welcome to the future, 
good luck trying to live here, take lots of photos!!!1!  :(
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