Proxy Server Requires Continuous Auth

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Wed Aug 11 05:25:31 UTC 2010

On 27 July 2010 18:40, Jawid Hassim <hassimjawid at> wrote:
> Dear Team,
> (Running a Sun Ultra 10, FBSD8.1)
> I am encountering a problem -connecting to my proxy server,
> I've tried editing the /etc/make.conf file with:
> But my proxy server requires continuous authentication for all transactions,
> unlike other proxies that just require the username&password once -then give
> the incoming connection carte-blanche.
> How do I overcome this?
> I need proxy auth to invoke for every single transaction/ everytime!

That's how HTTP authentication works. It does it per-connection.

Some HTTP proxies do it per-IP - they'll auth you once and then cache
that. Squid can do that if you configure it to.


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