sata pci cards in ultra 60 or blade 1000 (Update)

Marius Strobl marius at
Sun Sep 6 18:21:58 UTC 2009

On Sat, Sep 05, 2009 at 05:50:17PM -0500, R J wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have upgraded the Os version on the blade 1000 to FreeBSD 8.0-BETA2.
> I am at a cross-road.  I have Two sata controllers that are almost working.
> I just recently acquired a SUPERMICRO AOC-SAT2-MV8 64-bit PCI-X133MHz SATA 
> Controller.  This controller had the same behaviour as the Sil 3512 as 
> explained in the attached email below from Jul 22, on ___FreeBSD 7.2___ 
> Stable. Since the upgrade to 8.0-BETA2, I actually get the SuperMicro to 
> see the attached Hitachi Disk Drive.  The problem is that it doesn't 
> complete the booting!  It hangs just after printing the details to the SCSI 
> boot/root disk, see SNIPPET.


> So, can any body help get this to boot to normal os, and then maybe with 
> addition tweaks, I can the whole thing working.

At a quick glance, atamarvell(4) is at least missing DMA
synchronisation of the work area and isn't fully endian
clean. You could try whether you get any further with
the following patch:
But again, the fail-safe way to get SATA disks working
on sparc64 would be to use a controller driven by mpt(4)
rather than ata(4) as the latter really has a lot of 

> The other part of the cross-roads is the Sil 3512 development since my last 
> email from Jul 22, but I would rather concentrate on the SuperMicro 
> controller: But, if any body is curious, I now have the Sil 3512 show 
> disks, and I can put partitions on the disk, and mount it.  It seems if I 
> put light activity on the disk, It works for a while; light activity being 
> moving files (tar or cp) to the disk on the Sil 3512 at a rate slower than 
> 5 or 6 MB/s.  If that rate increases to past 6 or 7 MB/s, then I get a hard 
> lock.  The ata driver detaches the disk on the Sil 3512, and the only way 
> to regain control is to do a hard reset/reboot.

You should talk to mav at about problems with


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