E420R + (soon) FreeBSD.

Tim Nelson tnelson at fudnet.net
Fri May 15 03:02:30 UTC 2009

Adam K. wrote:
> I just got one of these machines for $45. 4 450MHz CPUs, 4GB ram. Should be
> enough to do something fun with, hopefully :)
> I don't imagine there'll be any difficulties installing on an older machine
> like this, but I'll add the dmesg to the wiki, anyhow. Anything specific
> that'd be useful to the Sparc64 port for me to test?
>  -Adam
> _______________________________________________

I have the same machine with the same specs. It's worked fine with 
FreeBSD since 6.0-RELEASE IIRC. You should have no problems with the 
base and the more common sparc64 ports. Mine was previously running as a 
general purpose web box with Apache, BIND, MySQL, etc. All built without 
a single problem.

If you have any problems, post here. I'm open to ridding it of Debian 
and reinstalling with FreeBSD if you need some assistance. :-)


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