Installing from cdrom not working

Martin Alejandro Paredes Sanchez mapsware at
Thu May 14 05:03:03 UTC 2009

El Mié 29 Abr 2009, Brian McGovern escribió:
> > > is ok that i used a CD-RW instead of a CD+RW, CD-R or CD+R?
> >
> > Its worth a try of a normal cdr.
> My V100s and V120s hate CD-RWs. I've also found its often worth while
> recording at slower speeds than allowed. The speed/power levels on many
> drives are goofy, and often an alternative speed gives better
> performance on wonky drives. I see the same problem/solution with DVDs
> on various players.
> 	-B

I did not find an option to burn at lower speed, but change the option to burn 
the CD at once, I use the same CD-RW but different ISO image (since the 7.2 
Release was available).


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