Sun Fire 280R questions.

Adam K. akranzel at
Tue May 12 19:38:45 UTC 2009

It looks like I may be able to get one of these boxes relatively cheaply,
and had a few questions.

Anything special about getting FreeBSD onto it? There doesn't seem to be a
FreeBSD/Sparc64-specific install document, at least that I was able to find.
Any of the built-in hardware not supported, and thus needs to be substituted
with a PCI card?
Any known issues with the ports system on Sparc64? I'll probably put the box
in as a replacement for a rather ancient PC that's currently a mail/web
Any tricks to getting it to work with a serial console? I've got some
experience with Sun hardware, but none with relatively recent equipment like

Great job getting FreeBSD to work on these machines, especially with support
for the Ultrasparc III machines. It doesn't look like anything else but
Solaris really supports them at all.


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