Hardware Donation?

Tim Nelson tnelson at fudnet.net
Sat Jun 13 03:15:55 UTC 2009

FreeBSD has always been my OS of choice in general and specifically for 
my Sparc gear. Hence, why I wanted to donate my equipment to the 
project. However, I certainly have no reservations to donating the 
hardware to another *BSD project that can use the hardware. It would be 
of course secondary to the needs of the FreeBSD team. I'll give the 
FreeBSD offer a bit more time, until mid next week.

Did you have a specific *BSD project in mind for the gear? Do you 
represent any of those projects? In the event that I offer the gear to 
another BSD project, is there any knowledge of which project is in 
greater need of the hardare? NetBSD, OpenBSD, <insert others here>?


Pavel Dobrokhotov wrote:
> Hello.
> First of all, I am not a regular FreeBSD-sparc list reader, so I beg 
> everybody's pardon for intruding this way.
> But it has been 4 days since Mr. Nelson's generous offer, and no body 
> stepped in to take it, and it griefs me dearly to see such hardware 
> wasted, so I wanted to ask Mr. Nelson:
> On Mon, Jun 08, 2009 at 03:09:38PM -0500, Tim Nelson wrote:
>> If none of the devs are interested, I'll send out another
>  > blurb on the list offering it up for grabs to anyone else,
>  > although you'll need to pay for shipping. :-)
> Before giving it away "in the wild", can you consider
> proposing it to an other BSD project, or you prefer donating to FreeBSD 
> community only?
> Regards,
> Pavel Dobrokhotov
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