Sata pci cards in ultra 60 or blade 1000

R J rjohanne at
Wed Jul 22 20:32:21 UTC 2009

Hi all,
I have both an ultra 60 and a Sun blade 1000.  I have freebsd 7.2 running on 
both seemingly without issue, outside of sata pci.

I have had a promise SATA300 TX4, 66MHZ (4 port version) in the ultra 60 and 
rebuild the kernel to contain the ata driver.  When the system boots, it sees 
the card just fine, but it doesn't see any drives attached to it. I had two 
disks attached (one 40gig fujitsu, and one is a 1TB hitachi), but none of them 
were seen.  I tried powering the drives with a different power supply, but they 
would not be seen by the promise controller.  The drives work fine in a pc with 

I switched out the promise card, and put a silicon image Sil 3512 in the ultra 
60, and the two drives were seen.  I was able to lay ufs file system on them, 
and even copied files around, but the system was not stable. I.e, I would copy 
files to the sata hard drives for a few minutes before it would hang and remain 
that way till I did a hard reset.

I then took the Sil 3512 out of the ultra60 and put it in the Sun blade 1000, 
and attached the drives, and, just like the promise card, the sil card is seen 
by freebsd, but the drives are not.  Remember, the drives are seen with the 
same card in the ultra60.  I currently don't have the promise card with me to 
test with the blade, but I would imagine the same thing will happen.

Has any body had success with sata pci cards in any of the ultrasparc pci 
systems?  If so, what cards/chipsets/workarounds?

Other than the 66mhz v 33mhz(with respective 3.3/5 volt) and 32 v 64 bit, is 
there any other thing quirky about the sparc pci busses that would cause this 
sort of behaviour?

Any help appreciated.


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