Finally, a song contest that is free to enter. $27, 000+ in prizes too!

Toby at Toby at
Sat Jul 11 08:53:07 UTC 2009




 has started a major song contest and this one you can
   enter for free! &n   throwing a party that     Got a 
song   be a lot of 


   It's our [1]YEAR 
OF THE I   "Indiependents" Day July 
4th!&nb   categories to choose from to enter your song in, 
including Songwri   ting.  The Grand Prize is a huge package that 
includes $1000 wor   th of musical equipment (whatever you need), 2 
weeks stay in a c   ondo suite at your choice of a number of US 
vacation spots, an i   Pod Shuffle, and a IAC Prime Perpetual Lifetime 
membership.  But   there are also 3 nice prizes in each of 16 
categories and you can
   en   exposur   
   He   will hit 


   Go [3]here 



   Good luc


   The Staff at (the Ind


   1. file://localhost/tmp/3D"htt   2. 3D""
   3. file://localhost/tmp/3D

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