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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
f sparc/127051 sparc64    [hme] hme interfaces "pause" with the message "device 
o sparc/119244 sparc64    X11Forwarding to X11 server on sparc crashes Xorg
o sparc/119240 sparc64    top has WCPU over 100% on UP system
s sparc/119239 sparc64    gdb coredumps on sparc64
o sparc/119017 sparc64    7.0 Beta won't install on U60
o sparc/118932 sparc64    7.0-BETA4/sparc-64 kernel panic in rip_output
o sparc/113556 sparc64    panic: trap: memory address not aligned; Rebooting...
o sparc/109908 sparc64    apache22 mod_perl issue on sparc64
f sparc/108732 sparc64    ping(8) reports 14 digit time on sparc64
s sparc/107087 sparc64    system is hinged during boot from CD
f sparc/106251 sparc64    [libmalloc] malloc fails > for large allocations
f sparc/105157 sparc64    No reply to ping on Sparc64
o sparc/105048 sparc64    [trm] trm(4) panics on sparc64
o sparc/104428 sparc64    [nullfs] nullfs panics on E4500 (but not E420)
o sparc/80890  sparc64    [panic] kmem_malloc(73728): kmem_map too small running
o sparc/80410  sparc64    [netgraph] netgraph is causing crash with mpd on sparc
o sparc/71729  sparc64    printf in kernel thread causes panic on SPARC

17 problems total.

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