Java on FreeBSD/sparc64

Greg Lewis glewis at
Tue Dec 15 08:11:53 UTC 2009

It's slow and I'm not particularly confident of how well it works on SMP.
But if you're feeling adventurous and have FreeBSD/sparc64 8.0 and a yen
to use Java then you might be interested in trying it out.

Note that this isn't a package, its just a tarball based on the BSD port
of OpenJDK 7.

If you were particuarly keen you could install Mercurial with the forest
extension, hg fclone and
see if you could use it as a bootstrap to port HotSpot so it was faster.

Sorry, I don't think I have the bandwidth to get this going on 7.x right
now.  If you'd like to I can outline roughly what I did.

There will eventually be an openjdk7 port that will make this easier.

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