Free Ultra2 in Silicon Valley, USA

Mark Linimon linimon at
Tue Nov 4 03:57:23 PST 2008

On Mon, Nov 03, 2008 at 11:30:42PM +0100, Marius Strobl wrote:
> Anyway, the panic message provided isn't enough info to even
> guess what the real cause is.

I think I have more notes at home (not accessible ATM).

> I think the easiest way to proceed would be to remove the remaining
> NIC (is there a reason you disabled gem(4) for the on-board ones?)

The kernels that we run are pretty lean; it's possible that that
driver is not included.  Or, are you talking about something in the
hardware setup?

> and mass storage controller drivers one by one and see when the
> panic goes away.

Is this something that can be done remotely?  I'm a thousand miles
away from the machines :-)

> That said, my T1 AC200 is running fine and I've never seen such a
> problem with it...

These things have an add-in card with 4 more ethernet slots IIRC;
could the difference in configuration explain things?


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