new wiki page: State of Packages on Sparc64

Stephen Hurd shurd at
Sat Jan 5 12:57:30 PST 2008

Mark Linimon wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 05:10:56PM -0600, Mark Linimon wrote:
>> Please see for a writeup on where
>> we are with respect to sparc64 packages, from portmgr's perspective.
> I have updated the charts and detailed-list pages on portsmon with the
> latest information from the partial runs on sparc64-6 and sparc64-7.  The
> former is nearly complete, the latter has a few hundred packages to go.

I've been looking into the OpenEXR problem and a trivial work-around is 
building the graphics/ilmbase port without multithreaded file I/O support.

In debugging it though, it seems that gdb doesn't support thread 
debugging on sparc64 which is causing some problems... is this due to 
the lack of TLS?

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