sun e250 installation woes.

Stephen Hurd shurd at
Fri Jan 4 01:10:17 PST 2008

Adrian Chadd wrote:
> On 04/01/2008, amilcar padilla <pada0008 at> wrote:
>> yes I am indeed using an attached keyboard and monitor.  the box has a
>> graphics card and I acquired a sun type 5d keyboard.  I'd rather not
>> use the serial console but if that's my only choice.
> I had the same issue last week when installing on an E250.
> vgapci0 at pci0:0:5:0:     class=0x038000 card=0x00061227 chip=0x00093d3d
> rev=0x01 hdr=0x00
>     vendor     = '3Dlabs, Inc. Ltd'
>     device     = 'Permedia2v 2d+3d chipset, integrated ramdac'
>     class      = display
> I wonder what it'd take to support it..

Same basic problem with my Exper3D-Lite.  3Dlabs doesn't do graphics 
anymore so getting the specs from them may be this side of impossible now.

It would also be cool to get them so an Xorg driver could be written.  :-)

Looking at the Solaris code may provide a way to get basic framebuffer 
support working or, failing that, basic text IO.

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