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Hiroki Sato hrs at FreeBSD.org
Tue Nov 13 12:34:02 PST 2007

Hi Royce, sorry for the delay.  I was in Ireland last week and the
very poor internet connection in the hotel prevented me from

Royce Williams <royce at alaska.net> wrote
  in <47348106.8080001 at alaska.net>:

ro> Royce Williams wrote, on 11/4/2007 1:45 PM:
ro> > System: I am willing to buy a 4x U80 for myself and make it available
ro> > to the project for package builds.  Shipping to Alaska is a bear, so
ro> > once the deal goes down, if any other donors could chip in to get it
ro> > shipped here, I would appreciate it.  I don't want to do this,
ro> > however, unless it will actually be useful -- and used.  Will it?
ro> After talking with Kris and Mark, it appears that the best bang for
ro> the buck is to help Hiroki Sato resolve outstanding hardware issues
ro> with his e4500s.  This will get 10-14 CPUs back online.
ro> Hiroki, what hardware or money do you need to get your e4500s back
ro> online, in order to improve the speed of package builds for sparc64?

 Well, let me explain the current situation of my e4500s first.  I
 have three e4500s with 10-14 CPUs online for experiment and package
 building now, but some of them are often down probably because some
 hardware failure.

 However, the problem is that I am not sure what component is broken
 precisely because most of the questionable symptoms occur even if
 POST successfully finished.  Maybe one of the reasons is we are using
 FreeBSD; I guess runtime hardware failure reporting is much more
 specific on Solaris.  I have to narrow down the problem and replace
 the failed components.

 Anyway, suppose I could identify the failed ones, I would need the
 replacement.  CPU board, modules, and memories are most questionable,
 so they would likely be needed.  Currently all of the boxes use
 400MHz w/ 8MB module (PN:X2580A).  Also, PCI I/O board (PN:X2632A)
 would help since we have very few options for Sbus SCSI HBA.

| Hiroki SATO
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