EV-DO lets the phone stay in touch with the main office, keeping all information current, synchronized and backed up.

Diana Bowden jwly at smoefje.com
Sun Jan 7 23:24:58 PST 2007

New building Material Changes The Construction Of Buildings Worldwide.
Company On Verge Of Explosion!

Date: Monday, January 8, 2007
Company: Aerofoam Metals Inc.
Symbol: AFML
Price: $0.12
Target: $0.45

AFML's new Foam Aluminum called "Aerofoam" can replace drywall and
plywood in the construction of buildings. It increased strength,
lighter, superior fire retarding capability, superior moisture
resistance, superior resistance to mold, impervious to damage from pests
- and has an almost infinite lifespan.

This news just hit this Friday. This one could be the BIGGEST mover of
2007. Read the news and grab AFML First thing Monday!

Car hackers can send OBD-II commands to their cars' computers, tweaking
to improve performance. pGeep is free encryption software package. I
have one last seemingly vain but important stipulation: It better look
This egocentric, techno-riffic example is terribly unrealistic.
Hmm, I'd better start writing the script before Spielberg beats me to
it. The Neo is an incredibly simple device to use, and so becomes more
reliable and stable. Based on our speed measurements above, EV-DO allows
for PC Internet access speeds approaching those of a home broadband
connection. So you want EV-DO on your cellphone or smartphone? The
mileage monitor isn't ScanGauge's only tool.
One with rings would be nice.

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