Ultrasparc 3 support

Nathan Whitehorn nathanw at uchicago.edu
Tue Feb 27 05:11:24 UTC 2007

I've been given a pair of Sunfire v210s and a v440 (dual and quad
UltraSPARC 3, respectively), and would love to put FreeBSD on them.
Sadly, of course, the schizo chipset isn't supported.

I'm planning on trying to port over OpenBSD's work in this area, but am
somewhat out of my depth (the only work I've ever done on the FreeBSD
kernel involves some fixes to nve(4)). Because we have no immediate need
to put any of these systems into production (and certainly not all
three), I currently can use any or all of them for experimentation and
development work for at least the next few months. I believe some
members of this list have done their own work in this regard in the
past, and was wondering if anyone wanted to collaborate or had done
anything that would serve as a starting point. Similarly, if anyone more
competent than I feels they just can just do it themselves, but needs
access to the hardware, I would be happy to provide that.


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