freebsd-update/sparc64 and buildworld statistics

Christian Baer christian.baer at
Thu Feb 15 11:33:49 UTC 2007

On Tue, 06 Feb 2007 18:10:03 -0900 Royce Williams wrote:

> I'd throw down the gauntlet, but the single drive in my U30 died
> recently. :(  If anyone's interested in posting the results of 'time
> make buildworld' and a dmesg, I'd be happy to put them somewhere
> accessible and simple.

Im with you on this one. I can give you the results for my U60, if you

I'm just having a little trouble with time(1). Using any options like -h
causes time to think -h is the command I want to time. Does anyone know
how to avoid this?


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