freebsd/sparc64 dmesg archive

Royce Williams royce at
Sat Feb 10 19:57:32 UTC 2007

So while I was researching what machine would make a good sparc64
freebsd-update build server, I collected quite a few dmesgs from all
over the place.  After grepping through them and playing with them a
little, I thought that maybe others might find them handy for reference.

If anybody has a dmesg to contribute -- especially for an
underrepresented platform, or one with hardware variations that are
worth noting, then please do. (Email them to me directly, post to the
list, submit them to NYCBUG's dmesgd and drop me a line -- whatever
your preference is.)

So I've probably seemed pretty chatty in the past day or two.  I've
been at home from work due to illness ... so low-energy activities
have been appealing.


FreeBSD - The SPARC to Serve

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