BSDstats and FreeBSD/sparc64

Royce Williams royce at
Thu Feb 8 17:04:16 UTC 2007

A quick check of BSDstats (, maintained by Marc
Fournier) shows a pretty meager showing of FreeBSD sparc64 systems:

   sparc64      25  0.45%
   6.x     sparc64      19  0.34%
   5.x     sparc64       3  0.05%
   4.x     sparc64       1  0.02%
   6.2          sparc64      12  0.22%
   6.1          sparc64       6  0.11%
   5.5          sparc64       1  0.02%
   5.3          sparc64       1  0.02%
   6.0          sparc64       1  0.02%
   5.4          sparc64       1  0.02%
   6.2-STABLE              sparc64       5  0.09%
   6.2-RELEASE             sparc64       3  0.05%
   6.1-STABLE              sparc64       3  0.05%
   6.1-RELEASE             sparc64       3  0.05%
   6.2-RC1                 sparc64       2  0.04%
   5.3-STABLE              sparc64       1  0.02%
   5.5-STABLE              sparc64       1  0.02%
   6.2-PRERELEASE          sparc64       1  0.02%
   6.0-CURRENT             sparc64       1  0.02%
   5.4-RELEASE-p8          sparc64       1  0.02%
   6.2-RC2                 sparc64       1  0.02%

If you haven't heard of BSDstats before, it's a pretty interesting
resource.  Here's the blurb from the site's mission statement:

"The mission of this site is to compile semi-accurate numbers for
advocacy and marketing of the *BSD operating systems.

"More specifically, we are trying to demonstrate to hardware and
software vendors out there that *BSD should be viewed as a serious
operating system, not just as a hobbyist system, for support (ie.
hardware drivers) purposes."

If the BSDs need to demonstrate this, then from the statistics above,
FreeBSD/sparc64 needs an extra helping. :)  It would be great for the
list members to pitch in.

The port is sysutils/bsdstats.  The install will ask you if you want
to add these to your periodic.conf, and will prompt you to run it
right away.  It runs once a month out of
/usr/local/etc/periodic/monthly/300.statistics.  Marc's got some
checking in place so that multiple attempts to send statistics won't
result in duplicates.

"To enable the port, edit or create /etc/periodic.conf and add this line:

To enable device reporting, add this line:

To enable ports reporting, add this line:

To run it manually the first time, just run it as:
        /usr/local/etc/periodic/monthly/300.statistics -nodelay

To view current statistics, go to:"

It also works on the other BSDs, so if any list members have SPARCs
running other OSes, the more the merrier. :)  It's also fun to watch
the stats grow, and to check back after the first of the month to see
how the statistics have changed.


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