[kde-freebsd] [ports-sparc64@FreeBSD.org: OpenEXR-1.6.0 failed on sparc64 6]

David Johnson david at usermode.org
Sun Dec 30 13:41:39 PST 2007

On Sunday 30 December 2007, Tilman Linneweh wrote:
> * Mark Linimon [ Dec 26, 2007 (18:28 )]:
> > OpenEXR is coredumping on sparc64-6 and sparc64-7.  This means that
> > kde can't
> > be built for those architectures, including for the releases.  Does
> > anyone
> > have some time to investigate this?  I am willing to assist in
> > testing patches.
> I am a bit behind and currently don't have a SPARC, but maybe we can
> get KDE building by just disabling the OpenEXR self-tests?

I do have four UltraSPARC systems in my office if they will be of service. 
They are 2's and 5's I think. Not speedy, but usable. Free to any takers in 
the San Fransisco / San Jose California area.

David Johnson

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