Netbooting Sparc64

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Wed Apr 25 16:45:57 UTC 2007

>>>>> "dm" == Didrik Madheden <didrik at> writes:

    dm> panic: arp: no response for

I don't know.  What you did looks right to me.  I think /boot/loader
ought to print out more things, such as it's own IP, subnet mask, and
router, but I guess ours doesn't.

1. make sure you are specifying a subnet mask and a default router in
   your subnet stanza.  Here's mine:

        subnet netmask {
                option routers;
                option subnet-mask;
                option broadcast-address;

2. if that doesn't work, add a 'next-server' to
   sune.lan's host stanza.  It shouldn't be needed---next-server is
   for TFTP, not NFS.  but, I know /boot/loader will try to load the
   rest of itself and the kernel over either TFTP or NFS (using NFS
   seems more self-documenting to me), so maybe it's panicing on the
   TFTP part because of a wrong exception path, instead of falling
   through to the NFS part.
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