snmpd agent 5.3.1_3 segfault

Guillaume silencer at
Mon Apr 9 09:26:14 UTC 2007

> Hello, Guillaume -

> Part of the error output above seems to indicate that you are missing
> a valid snmpd.conf -- though I wouldn't expect that to cause a
> segfault.  If you don't have an snmpd.conf, you might try generating one.
I have the same error with a valid snmpd config file...

> Are you compiling it yourself, or using a port or package?  If the
> latter, and you have used all of the default options, you might
> contact the maintainer or file a PR.
I'm using the port for snmpd with all standard options

Ok, I'll try to see with the maintainer.

> I'm no debugging expert, but this may not be a sparc64-specific issue,
> so you might also have better luck on an snmpd-related list.
It seems to be specific to sparc64 as I don't have the problem on i386 
or amd64 servers with the same options and config file.

> Royce

E-mail: silencer_<at>_free-4ever_<dot>_net

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