freebsd-update/sparc64 and buildworld statistics

Royce Williams royce at
Sun Apr 1 19:17:07 UTC 2007

Steven Hillis wrote, on 2/21/2007 1:16 PM:

Sorry for the long pause on this thread - Thunderbird's thread display
was collapsed and I didn't see the additional posts.

>> I'd still like to see what a quad Ultra 80 can do, though. :)  Who has
> access to one of these?
> I have one of these under my foot right now. 4x450 4GB memory, 2xScsi
> drives. I went ahead a did a fresh install to get rid of all the weird

Thanks very much!  Were /usr and /usr/obj on different filesystems
and/or different disks?

> Standard "/usr/bin/time -h make -j5 buildworld" was somewhere around 1h45m
> (sorry, I didn't write it down the first time), so that's probably the best
> you'll get.

1h45m is terrific compared to some of the others, but I can't say that
I have a stastically significant sample yet, by any means.

> However, after enabling ccache, while the first run was roughly the same
> (couple minutes longer), the second run (after caching) gave these results:
> 49m14.74s real          1h28m39.70s user                1h4m8.45s sys

Added to my worldstone statistics:

> So, that sort of breaks the 1 hour limit? I can't imagine there will enough
> source changes between updates to add 10 minutes to the compile time, but I
> hear people have had some trouble with ccache and buildworld so whether it
> solves the problem or not seems sort of up in the air.

I've written Colin to ask his opinion.  Can anyone else comment on the
ccache/world interaction problem?  This thread seems to indicate that
some issues have been resolved:

> dmesg, if you care:
> real memory  = 4294967296 (4096 MB)

What branch were you tracking?  I try to note that in both the dmesg
and worldstone info.  In the meantime, I've added your dmesg to the
archive as u80_unknown_unknown.

Terrific, Steven -- thanks for testing this!


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