Terrible hme throughput

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Wed Sep 27 15:51:59 PDT 2006

>>>>> "fj" == Frank Jahnke <jahnke at sonatabio.com> writes:

    fj> There's one or two factors of two left to be found.  Maybe it
    fj> is the Sparc disadvantage for these sorts of calculations

no, I don't think there are any more factors of two to find.

300MHz Pentium, Linux with gcc:                     1.5MByte/s
440MHz UltraSPARC II, Solaris with Sun C compiler:  2.3MByte/s
500MHz UltraSPARC II, FreeBSD with gcc:             1.0MByte/s

try a slow PeeCee and see if you get similar results.  I think it's
about right: divide performance in half as penalty for trying to use
gcc on anything but i386.

My friend who makes big ftp servers with dm_crypt encrypted disks
reports results roughly in the same ballpark: 40MByte/s throughput
IDE-RAID<->GigEthernet with encryption, 90MByte/s without, on modern 
2 - 3GHz PeeCees.  In that case it's just decryption rather than
ssh+sshd running on the same CPU, so divide that throughput in half,
and you are in the same MB per MHz ballpark as the other results.  I
think it is probably working properly.
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