migration question

David B. incomex at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 6 21:19:57 PDT 2006

Hi, I'm currently using OpenBSD 3.8 on an E450.  I have a few issues with 
openbsd and am considering migrating over to freebsd.

openbsd does not support SMP on the sparc64, I have 4 processors and am only 
using 1.
I understand that SMP is fully supported in freebsd.

I am currently using RaidFrame to raid5 the Enterprise Network Array of 14 
fiber channel drives.  Does freebsd support hardware raid? specifically, DPT 
raid cards? If not, does it have a mature RaidFrame option I can compile 
into the kernel?  I currently am running to Raids, Raid0 is where I have my 
boot drives raided together, and then Raid1 is where I have all of my 
fiberchannels raided together.  If you don't support Raidframe, but do 
support hardware raid, have you a solution where I can raid my two boot 
drives together? or do I just go get another raid card and do it that way?  
Oh, if you don't support DPT that's OK, I'll go buy whatever you guys do 
support; I'll just have to have a hardware list, which I'm sure is available 
on your site.

Also, I am running postgresql as my database, I'm assuming Postgres is 
available?  I am also thinking that you probably are using a 1.x version of 
Apache? like Openbsd does, because it's more secure and there seems to be an 
issue with Apache2 licensing?

And finally, the big thing about openbsd's claims is that they are very 
secure, which I suspect is probably true; how much, if any, is there a real 
difference in the security of your kernel, versus openbsd?  I'm assuming you 
guys have everything chrooted by default like openbsd does, but I can't 
imagine there is too much of a difference in a default install; it's not 
like you guys are just going to leave known vulnerabilities unfixed.  Have 
you an idea, like 1 to 100 scale on security? or is there a website where I 
can find a benchmark?

The fact that openbsd doesn't support hardware raid, and doesn't support SMP 
on the sparc6, along with a few other issues is rather frustrating, and I 
don't mean to bother with so many questions, but it's a big step to reformat 
my drives, take my site off line, and make the big leap, and then find out 
during the install, that something I need isn't supported.

yeah, and one other thing, for some reason my probe during boot doesn't find 
my floppy drive, can you imagine that?  So I have this huge computer, 
running securely, but I can't use my floppy.

Any input would help tremendously, thanks for the time.

David Burleigh

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