OT: Ultra 1 200E (A12) Oscillator specs

Gheorghe Ardelean ardelean at ww.uni-erlangen.de
Sun Sep 3 10:04:45 PDT 2006


First of all sorry for posting this to the list but I did not found an
answer somewhere else.

I've got an Ultra 1 200E and I started it in order to install FreeBSD
6.1R. Unfortunately at startup it displays a strange CPU frequency (IIRC
50MHz). Trying to find out what is the problem I have discovered that
one oscillator (?) is missing on the Motherboard. It was removed by some
accident (the socket is still there). The oscillator is labeled on the
mainboard as X2302 (close to the PSU and UPA connector). Next to
it there is also a capacitor missing labeled C2356 (I have no clue if it
was there or not, I see only the soldering pads). Could somebody with a
similar motherboard (A12 - SUN part 501-4358) tell me the marking/type of
the missing oscillator and eventually capacitor?

Thank you!


G. Ardelean.

P.S. Please reply off the list.

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