Thread Local Storage

Marcel Moolenaar xcllnt at
Fri Sep 1 23:41:02 UTC 2006

On Sep 1, 2006, at 3:01 PM, Kip Macy wrote:

> To the best of my knowledge no one is currently working on it. I think
> we're still waiting on an import of a more recent binutils which adds
> sun4v and TLS support.
> What else is missing? Thanks.

Hmmm, I didn't realize is was quite that bad:

u2% more tls.c
#include <stdio.h>

int __thread i = 4;

         printf("%d\n", i);
         return (0);

u2% cc -o tls tls.c
/usr/bin/ld: /var/tmp//ccDb7raY.o: check_relocs: unhandled reloc type 72
/var/tmp//ccDb7raY.o: could not read symbols: File format not recognized


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