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   Cody  Ventures Corporation<
   [2]New Interest and High Potential for  Growth (CDYV)! 

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   On Octo   was cleared for quota   October 24, 2006, the Company,  started to trade and each day the
   price has jumped the volume has  increased.  These are t   facts showing that momentum is growing, and we think this stock is po   ised  for a quick jump in price.   Something must be happening for
   this quiet little company to b   think the Company will announce a  transaction, earning, merger,
   etc. and we will NEVER see this stock a   Understand that we could be wrong and the buying is for no rea   

. Like that could be true!

   We take     _________________________________________________________________


   Cody  Ventures Corporation<
   D   <
   Cody Ve   price and volume incr   Shake It Up! – Volume and Interest Grow
   We t   short time.  So if you invest $6,000 at   

.. and at $0.42 X 50,000 shares = $21,000   of  about $15,000.  Underst   happen, but we believe this stock has the  potential.
   Cody Ventures Corporation

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   [9]http://codyventures123.blogspot.com/<     _________________________________________________________________

   DISCLAIMER:  We are not a registered broker and may not sell, offer
   to sell or off   solicitation or recommendati   An offer to buy or sell can be made onl   disclosure documents from the company offering or  selling
   securities and only in the states and provinces for which the   are  approved. The material in this release is intended to be
   strictly  informational.

   Safe  Harbor<   FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial Narrow'   Statement

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   Raven wanted the rivers to turn and wind, so that as he flew up and
   down  them, he would have different views at every bend.
   The state of Washingt   species of hummingbirds.
   Raven wanted th   and down them, he would have  different views at every bend.
   Both species will nest only in cavities,   holes or man-made nestboxes. Imagine covering those miles   dark of night.
   And female birds of prey are most notably bigger than  males among
   hawk species that hunt agile prey, such as other birds. A Spott   Owl hoots from deep within a Northwest forest, calling out a four-note
   sequ   be assured that our  summer birds will soon arrive, some from as far
   south as Northern  Mexico.
   While spring heralds the return of many migratory birds, it also 
   spells the end of a long winter stay in Washington by others.
   At first  glance, a Varied Thrush can appear to be a robin.
   The plight of the grav   imperiled status of old-growth fores   Its skillful hunting is enhanced by exceptional sigh   hearing. With names like the Screaming Piha, the Blue-crowned Motmot,   and  the Black-necked Red-Cotinga, these are not your average birds.
   By March   wintering in Mexico.   Pheasant for its country of origin.
   The   luck is mostly  bad.
   Outside of the breeding season, robins tend to gather in large floc   ks.  These nests endure rough treatment.
   And female birds of prey are most no   hawk species that hunt agile prey, such as other  birds.
   Imagine covering those miles in the dark of night.


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