Using Netra T1 105's as console servers.

Peter Losher Peter_Losher at
Sun Oct 15 00:09:18 PDT 2006


I recently came into possession of a stack of Netra T1 105's recently,
with the intent of turning them into console servers running FreeBSD
6.1. (the HW is low power, stable, and in a 1U form factor which makes
them perfect for this task)

I tried attaching some USB<->RS232 adapters into a USB PCI controller,
FreeBSD saw the devices, and created the ucom links.  But when you
connect to the devices, there is no activity (back and forth).  Tried
using a RocketPort card, same thing, the various /dev/ttyR* devices were
created, with the same effect.

Has anyone used a T1 as a serial console server, and encountered these

Best Wishes - Peter
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