Netra t1 105: novice questions

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Thu Oct 12 06:22:39 PDT 2006


On Thu, 12 Oct 2006, Marius Strobl wrote:
>> I'm still curious (1) why there are 2 PHYs on 1st controller, and
> In short, harware-wise it simply has two PHYs attached to the
> first HME. T1 105 consist of a CP1500 CompactPCI cartridge
> (think of it as a stand-alone system board) and an expansion
> board mounted back-to-back. The MII-buses of both HMEs span
> both of these boards. For the first HME/MII-bus there's one
> PHY and one RJ45 jack on the CP1500 and another PHY with
> another RJ45 jack on the expansion board. The latter is the
> one accessible from the back of the T1 105. You can see
> though not use the first jack if you open the T1 105; IIRC
> it's behind a piece of plastic between the power supply and
> the CP1500.

   Indeed, I've found it ;)

> HMEs support a maximum of two PHYs (meant as internal and
> external PHY) while generally there can be a maximum of 32
> devices including the NIC on a MII-bus IIRC.

   Interesting design - I've never seen hardware with multiple PHYs per

>> (2) why MAC addresses are the same.
> Please go read the hme(4) man page.

   Thanks, setting local-mac-address? to true actually makes MACs different.

> Marius

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