FreeBSD not detecting disk partitions of slave drive

Steven Hillis evultrole at
Thu Oct 5 19:32:39 PDT 2006

|ad1 has multiple partitions, (1 FREEBSD, 2 FAT32) and is the slave

I assume you are moving this from an i386 machine. Anyone please correct me
if I am mistaken, but the way I understand it i386 partition tables will not
function on sparc64, I don't think any system supports the direct drive
transfers due to endian issues. Even if it did, I don't think
freebsd-sparc64 supports FAT file systems (for the previous reason).

| Help and ideas needed to solve this problem.

I know you said you don't want to repartition, but that's about the only
option I know of... you might wait to see if you get a different answer, but
here's a quick solution for you if you have a spare drive laying around. Tar
format is endian-free (or close enough anyway), and I hear creating a tar
file of all other files straight onto the raw disk device (i.e. tar -f
/dev/ad1 files) from an i386 PC, then untaring the files into your new sparc
partition table on the old drive works pretty well...

Not exactly the most straight forward, but it is a bit faster than burning
to DVDs or tape drives.

Again, anyone know anything wrong with that chime in... and sorry if this
was already answered, I just get the one a day lists...

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