panic: trap: memory address not aligned (tap/if_bridge/openvpn -> kgdb information)

Michael Ortmann mortmann at
Sun May 28 11:41:22 PDT 2006

James Tanis schrieb:
> I don't really know why it has to be the kernel's fault as you said,
> the error is memory address is not aligned, which unlike i386, is
> illegal under sparc32/64. I'm no kernel hacker either, but it seems to
> me that the userland program is attempting to access memory at an
> inappropriate address. Honestly the error could be caused by anything,
> but if you have searched Google (and you should have by now) you'll
> see the error could be cause by a multitude of things, this was just
> one idea. I've never even used openvpn. I may try installing it today
> or tomorrow, if I put freebsd back on my ultra60 just to see if I get
> the same thing.

i thought its the kernels fault because a userland program should never 
make the kernel panic, but segfault itself. else any userprogram could 
just write to an unaligned address and therefore crash the system - thus 
any user could crash the system.

ok, openvpn is suid root but it should not access the kernels memory in 
any case, should it?

im sure openvpn worked on sparc64/freebsd before, so, i could try out 
older/different openvpn versions and hunt the bug down there. but i 
still feel its not openvpns fault. how can i see if a kerneldriver 
(tap/if_brige) or openvpn leads to the crash? ill try to do ifconfig by 
hand and do what openvpn does, may be i can reproduce the crash that way...

Michael Ortmann

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