this really should be fixed

Kip Macy kip.macy at
Tue May 23 12:00:42 PDT 2006

I would hope that a new CVS check-in would just fix that. I haven't
seen that when cross-building (or building natively) for sun4v -
however, my tree is from perforce. File a bug. I intend to fix any
sparc64 bugs that still apply to sun4v (most don't, but this would)
before releasing 6.2.


 > There's been a problem existing in freebsd/sparc64 since the 5.x
> days.  I'm seeing it again on 6.1.  After fresh install, and then
> syncing src, buildworld will fail on usr.bin/lex .  The cause for this
> appears to be that the file in the usr.bin/lex directory has a
> date year of 1969.  I touched that file, and now build progresses
> normally.  Here is where build dies prior to touching the file:

> > ===> usr.bin/lex (depend)
> > lex -t  -is /usr/src/usr.bin/lex/scan.l > scan.c
> > yacc -d -o parse.c /usr/src/usr.bin/lex/parse.y
> > make: don't know how to make Stop
> > *** Error code 2
> This should probably be fixed before another major release goes out, eh?
> Regards,
> Paul Schiro
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