gvinum root

Andrew Basterfield bob at skq.ath.cx
Sat May 13 18:40:21 UTC 2006


I want to move to mirrored root using gvinum on  6.1-RELEASE/sparc64.
First I need to build my setup on my second disk da1

I have tried using da1c as my gvinum drive but I found gvinum trod on
my disklabel, so now I have slice 'h' for gvinum that skips cylinder 0
and I use VTOC compatible disklabel so I can have overlapping

[bob at spoogle ~]$ sudo disklabel da1
# /dev/da1:
text: FreeBSD8G cyl 4924 alt 2 hd 27 sec 133
bytes/sector: 512
sectors/cylinder: 3591
sectors/unit: 17682084

8 partitions:
# Size is in sectors.
# Offset is in cylinders.
#    size       offset      tag         flag
#    ---------- ----------  ----------  ----
  a:    1052163          2        root    wm
  c:   17682084          0      backup    wu
  h:   17678493          1  unassigned    wu

The root filesystem needs to begin at the start of cylinder 2 so I
have an driveoffset that should consume all of the space in cylinder 1
minus 265 sectors for the gvinum config.

3591 sec/track - 265 = 3326 sectors offset

gvinum config:

#drive disk0 device /dev/da0h
drive disk1 device /dev/da1h

volume root
        #plex org concat
        #sd length 512m driveoffset 3326s drive disk0
        plex org concat
        sd length 512m driveoffset 3326s drive disk1

Now I don't understand why /dev/gvinum/root and /dev/da1a don't point to
the same disk area?

This is what I am trying to follow

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