Target Mode FC

Brian Hechinger wonko at
Wed Jan 25 19:51:52 PST 2006

What's the current status of Target Mode Fiber Channel these days?  I'm
interested in doing it with a sparc64 box.  Is there a recommended FC card?
I think I've got a couple QLogic 2100s laying around (I'd have to check what
model they are, they are the ones that a sun can't boot from, so that leads
me to believe that they are 2100s)

How well supported are the LSI MegaRAID cards as well?  I could probably just
bite the bullet and do software RAID since this box will be doing nothing else,
but I just like hardware RAID. ;)

Short of that, whare are good supported SATA cards?  How about the SiL 3114


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