sparc64/91882: Ultra 10 mouse/keyboard

James Tanis jtanis at
Wed Jan 18 19:06:57 PST 2006

On 1/16/06, mdh <mdh_lists at> wrote:
> This PR can be safely closed, I've answered this
> question and others like it on the sparc64 list many
> times now, and a quick search of the list for type5
> mouse will bring up my posts containing a great wealth
> of information on how to get this working, both with
> and without moused.

Seems like someone should be bugged to put this in a manpage,
preferably under somewhere relevant for both the mouse daemon and
xorg. Maybe I misinterpreted the meaning of "tier 1," but I was a
little disappointed with the lack of sparc relevant man pages for
(especially) more generic items like mice. I'm honestly not calling
anybody's work deficient, much the opposite, sparc64 is a relatively
young platform for FreeBSD. On the other hand, calling sparc64 a "tier
1" platform is a bit misleading, people are honestly going to expect
the same spit and polish as they see w/ i386. If it's merely a lack of
man hours, I'm sure one or two of us freeriders would be more than
willing to update a manpage or two.

> I'm not sure why you looked for "sunmouse" - I've only
> ever seen name this used by Linux.  This is not a
> problem, and the term "lack of drivers" is incorrect.
I though I recalled sunmouse being present in /dev, but it could be my
memory has blurred the lines and confused it with sysmouse. Actually..
I'm pretty sure its the xorgconfig program that mentions sunmouse. I'm
99.9% positive It is mentioned somewhere in FreeBSD (whether its a
program or a manpage I'm unsure)..

> It feels like this is a recurring question on a weekly
> basis, I'd be more than willing to write a big ole
> document on the subject if someone wants to stick it
> into the handbook or FAQ or something to attempt to
> curb these and make this a little bit easier for new
> users.

I think anything would be great, its obviously a big enough concern to
warrant it.

James Tanis
jtanis at

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