jumping to kernel entry at 0xc0048000 error on boot cd for spacr64

mdh mdh_lists at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 18 12:14:34 PST 2006

The best way to change where the console is going is
via the OpenBoot variables input-device and
output-device.  If these are set to keyboard & screen
respectively, and the keyboard is not plugged in, the
system will generally fall-back to using ttya as both
the input-device and output-device.  If you're really
sure you'll always want a serial console via ttya, set
{input,output}-device to ttya (you can also set to
ttyb and it will be on the other serial port, etc). 

--- Miles Nordin <carton at Ivy.NET> wrote:

> >>>>> "mb" == Mario Beltran <mario at 123.hn> writes:
>     mb> So, I beleave that 220R´s console dont work.
> but i dont know
>     mb> how to test it in OBP.
> you probably already know this, but the way you make
> sun hardware use
> the serial console is to unplug the keyboard.
> I also have a mirror of a Sun hardware reference
> manual
>  http://web.ivy.net/~carton/sun-feh-2_1/
> from which you should be able to get console cable
> wiring diagrams and
> stuff.

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