NFS install writability on Netra t1 105

Nicholas Riley njriley at
Wed Jan 11 14:11:04 PST 2006

On Wed, Jan 11, 2006 at 05:04:03PM +0100, Marius Strobl wrote:
> Sysinstall(8) doesn't work for installing FreeBSD on a hard disk
> when it's not used in place of init(8). AFAIK that's a MI "feature"
> of sysinstall(8). I'm not sure whether it'll work if you copy
> /stand/sysinstall to /sbin/init in the NFS-root.

Aha, that's how sysinstall is supposed to work.  I was able to get the
installer to boot by replacing init with sysinstall (guess I could
probably have set init_path in the loader too), and it got to the
point of newfs'ing, but failed trying to get the network configured.
It first complained it couldn't write to /etc/resolv.conf; when I made
the NFS root writable, it said "unable to configure the hme0
interface!".  From looking at the sysinstall source, this appears to
be because ifconfig failed, but I can't see the ifconfig output and
don't know what broke.  The emergency holographic shell doesn't work,
and I couldn't find another way to get a shell when booted this way.

So, next I tried to install directly from the NFS root as a "local"
filesystem.  This time it complained it couldn't create
/etc/fstab... on to the next option.

> What should work for doing a netbooted install however is either
> extract the El Torito boot image from the ISO image and netboot the
> former or netboot your existing setup, label the hard disk using
> sunlabel(8), write the miniroot.ufs from the FTP install bits to the
> swap-partition of the hard disk using dd(1) and then boot the
> machine from the swap-partition.

I labeled the disk as I plan to have it installed, and dd'ed
miniroot.ufs onto /dev/da0b.  I needed to use sunlabel -B /dev/da0b to
get a boot block on that partition.  It booted, and I tried a NFS
install, but it panicked:

  37168128 bytes read from base dist, chunk 27 of 41 @ 1238.9 KBytes/sec.
anic: trap: fast instruction access mmu miss

I tried again with a FTP install, and it worked perfectly.

Thanks very much for the help.  It would really be good if this stuff
were documented somewhere. :-)

Nicholas Riley <njriley at> | <>

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